Volferts, Valerian Iulevich

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Vol’ferts, Valerian Iul’evich


Born Aug. 23, 1874, in Chistopol’; died Feb. 26, 1946, in Moscow. Soviet specialist in veterinary medicine, doctor of veterinary sciences (1939). Graduated from Kazan Veterinary Institute in 1897.

Vol’ferts worked out arrangements for veterinary inspection of animals before slaughter and of carcasses afterward. He improved the method of trichinoscopy of swine and laboratory study of meat and introduced a number of improvements, including a hollow knife to collect alimentary blood during the slaughter of cattle, a brush-shower for wet cleaning of carcasses, a method for maintaining animals before slaughter, and a system and method of packing meat for the retail trade. Vol’ferts wrote the first textbook in the USSR on veterinary evaluation of animal food products (it went through five editions). He was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor.


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