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[′vōlt ′am‚pir]
The unit of apparent power in the International System; it is equal to the apparent power in a circuit when the product of the root-mean-square value of the voltage, expressed in volts, and the root-mean-square value of the current, expressed in amperes, equals 1. Abbreviated VA.



a unit of full power of an alternating current, designated by VA. The full power of an alternating current is defined as the product of the effective values of the current in a circuit (in amperes) and the voltage at its terminals (in volts). The effective values of the current and voltage are measured by AC ammeters and voltmeters . The concept of full power is distinct from the real power of an electric circuit, which is expressed in watts and equals UI cos φ where φ is the angle of displacement of the phases between voltage U and current I, and as distinct from the reactive power, equal to UI sin φ and expressed in vars.

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Tenders are invited for Isi Marked Six Pin Socket Outlet Non-Shuttered With Cover Mode Of Tough Non-Ignitable Insulating Material And Suitable For 3 Pin Plug, Type: Piano Type Material Of Base Virified Ceramic Volts: 250 Volt Ampere:16 Amp.
Tenders are invited for Star Delta Fully Automatic Fasd Heavy Duty Submersible Pump Starter 15 Hp With Volt Ampere Meter On/Off Indication ,Relay Range 28-42 Amp Model Muq 20 H Cat No 5595975 Of L And T Make Or Cromptongreaves ,Havells Hpl Siemens.
Module 1 consists of (i) approximately 98 kilometers single circuit on double circuit towers transmission line from Paklay to Nonhai; (ii) a 20 mega volt ampere (MVA) new substation in Paklay; (iii) the extension of an existing substation in Nonhai; and (iv) the extension of an existing substation in Xayabury;
The works comprises of supplying, installing, testing and commissioning of the two transmission substations with the capacity of 400/132 KV, each of them contains 4 transformers with the capacity of 505 Mega Volt Ampere. Transformation Substation at Ras Al Khor Used Car Complex will be connected to the similar (G), (H) and Mishref Station.
In March we reported that the National Electric Code (NEC), primarily concerned with electrical safety, not energy conservation, has offered an exception in the 2014 NEC, to allow the installation of electrical infrastructure that will support only 1.5 volt-amperes per sq ft for lighting instead of the 3.5 volt-amperes per sq ft that has been the requirement for the last 50 years (volt amperes times power factor = watts).
Its rating for continuous operation is 247 Mega Volt Amperes (MVA).
According to Peter Chany Gatjiek, director of electricity in the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure, "we don't have enough fuel to operate this power station." He explained that the power station has three engines, running running on 2500 Kilo Volt Amperes (KVA), 810KVA and 2.5 Megawatts.
In addition to this project, ABB will support REE with their upgrade of the mainland electricity transmission infrastructure with seven single phase 200 mega volt amperes (MVA) 420 kV auto transformers.