Voltage Regulation

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voltage regulation

[′vōl·tij ‚reg·yə‚lā·shən]
The ratio of the difference between no-load and full-load output voltage of a device to the full-load output voltage, expressed as a percentage.

Voltage Regulation


(in power distribution networks), measures taken to maintain electric voltage within specified limits. In modern systems, all processes of voltage regulation in cases of changes in load (or the occurrence of breakdown conditions, such as a short circuit, in individual sections of the network) are performed automatically by special devices, mainly devices for automatic regulation of excitation in electric generators and synchronous compensators.

Voltage regulation

The change in voltage magnitude that occurs when the load (at a specified power factor) is reduced from the rated or nominal value to zero, with no intentional manual readjustment of any voltage control, expressed in percent of nominal full-load voltage. Voltage regulation is a convenient measure of the sensitivity of a device to changes in loading. See Generator, Transformer

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The systems will be used to connect wind power plants to the electric grid as well as to provide voltage regulation that will respond dynamically to varying load conditions.
The IPR-150 builds upon the same utility-grade modular power electronics, advanced control algorithms, and distributed networking capabilities of Gridco Systems' existing single-phase systems to deliver equivalent multi-function capabilities in a three-phase form factor for IEC markets: voltage regulation, reactive power compensation, harmonic cancellation, and power quality monitoring.
spacewalk in as many weeks -- Expedition 41 Flight Engineers Reid Wiseman and Barry Wilmore of NASA, replaced a failed voltage regulation device to restore the station's electrical power output to full capacity.
Automatic on-load voltage regulation by using on-load tap changer (OLTC) is an effective and suitable method to deal with voltage changing in power systems (Hong and Wang, 1995; Yorino et al, 1997; Faiz and Siahkolah, 2011).
The company said that its new PMIC solution offers several benefits for system designers working with the new Intel Atom platform, including a small form factor which makes it suitable for tablets and notebooks, support for the advanced power management features for the Intel Oak Trail processor with up to a 50% reduction in average power consumption for full HD video playback and efficient voltage regulation.
Available in 600 VA, 1,000 VA, 1,500 VA, 2,000 VA and 3,000 VA tower and 19" rackmount models, the GE Digital Energy IT Series 600-3,000 VA UPS features pure sine wave, fully digitized, microprocessor-controlled automatic voltage regulation at 50/60 Hz, and utilizes hot-swappable, user-replaceable batteries.
is a major provider of voltage control, voltage regulation, power conditioners, and uninterruptible power supplies.
American Superconductor Corporation has received two additional orders for its D-VAR voltage regulation solution for use in wind farms being constructed in the United States.
Chapters cover space heating and cooling with renewable energy, community power, biofuels, energy efficient transportation, photovoltaic energy generation, urban wind turbines, battery selection, DC voltage regulation, DC to AC conversion using inverters, fossil-fueled backup power sources, and safety issues.
Designed to bridge the gap between more costly Analog IC and multi-package discrete solutions typical for Voltage Regulation and Relay Driving functions, Diodes' new application specific complex arrays provide cost effective single package solutions.
The benefit of this design is that it offers the industry's lowest-noise computer motherboard ACPI power management solution with seamless switching between active and standby states while maintaining continuous voltage regulation.
This family of chips provides battery management, charging functions (including a USB charging option), voltage regulation for the various MSM power regimes, the radioOne RF chips and all other MSM-supported peripheral features designed for high-end, high-speed third-generation (3G) wireless products.