Voltage Regulation

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voltage regulation

[′vōl·tij ‚reg·yə‚lā·shən]
The ratio of the difference between no-load and full-load output voltage of a device to the full-load output voltage, expressed as a percentage.
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Voltage Regulation


(in power distribution networks), measures taken to maintain electric voltage within specified limits. In modern systems, all processes of voltage regulation in cases of changes in load (or the occurrence of breakdown conditions, such as a short circuit, in individual sections of the network) are performed automatically by special devices, mainly devices for automatic regulation of excitation in electric generators and synchronous compensators.

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Voltage regulation

The change in voltage magnitude that occurs when the load (at a specified power factor) is reduced from the rated or nominal value to zero, with no intentional manual readjustment of any voltage control, expressed in percent of nominal full-load voltage. Voltage regulation is a convenient measure of the sensitivity of a device to changes in loading. See Generator, Transformer

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The company, in particular, has noted that it was able to energize 10 capacitor banks that could then help reinforce voltage regulation in the country's major power grid.
of the Philippines (NGCP) has installed 10 capacitor banks in its substations to improve voltage regulation in Luzon.
Power supplies such as DC/DC converters and switched-mode converters also need cost-effective high-voltage isolation to ensure proper voltage regulation and reliability is maintained, as well as operator safety.
The representatives further elaborated that Thermal Power Plant is necessary in the province for voltage regulation and reducing the line losses.
Increasing development of the solid-state power electronics switches leads the researchers to this area for voltage regulation solutions.
Due to the variable nature of low carbon technology, it is expected that mains voltage regulation on the National Grid will become increasingly commonplace as a more efficient alternative to keeping conventional power stations on standby.
By this we can obtain the efficiency and voltage regulation of any single phase transformer.
The systems will be used to connect wind power plants to the electric grid as well as to provide voltage regulation that will respond dynamically to varying load conditions.
Voltage regulation systems are required for voltage stability and ensuring the grid conditions in grid interactive renewable energy systems [10].
spacewalk in as many weeks -- Expedition 41 Flight Engineers Reid Wiseman and Barry Wilmore of NASA, replaced a failed voltage regulation device to restore the station's electrical power output to full capacity.