Volumetric Analysis

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volumetric analysis

[¦väl·yə¦me·trik ə′nal·ə·səs]
(analytical chemistry)
Quantitative analysis of solutions of known volume but unknown strength by adding reagents of known concentration until a reaction end point (color change or precipitation) is reached; the most common technique is by titration. Also known as titrimetric analysis.
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Volumetric Analysis


a group of methods in quantitative chemical analysis that involve the measurement of volumes to determine the concentration of a given substance. In titration, one of the more common volumetric techniques currently employed in laboratory research, the volume of a consumed reagent solution of a known concentration that is necessary to attain the equivalence point is measured. In certain cases, however, it is not fully justifiable to consider titrimetry a subset of volumetric analysis.

Volumetric analysis also includes many methods of gas analysis, whereby the volume of an absorbed or evolved gas is measured. Other volumetric analysis methods involve the measurement of a volume of precipitate; for example, the sulfur content in cast iron may be determined by the volume of barium sulfate precipitate in a graduated centrifugal test tube. Ultramicrochemical analysis is used to determine the concentration of a substance by the volume of derived precipitate when weighing is hindered or impossible.


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Volumetric analysis, which uses three intersecting axes, gives the exact position of a body part by mathematical calculation.
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