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A twisting of the bowel upon itself so as to occlude the lumen and, in severe cases, compromise its circulation.



acute intestinal obstruction, twisting of part of the intestine and mesentery with blockage of the blood circulation from the root of the mesentery to the intestinal lumen.

Volvulus may result from the intestine twisting around its own axis, with the mesentery around the mesenteric axis, or with the mesentery around another intestinal loop (for example, loop of the small intestine with the mesentery around the sigmoid colon). The latter leads to knotting, or intestinal loops that are difficult to untie.

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The principal treatment strategy in sigmoid volvulus (SV) is emergency endoscopic detorsion in uncomplicated patients, while emergency surgery is recommended for patients with sigmoid gangrene, sigmoid perforation, peritonitis, or unsuccessful endoscopic detorsion.
Complications are rare in Chilaiditi syndrome and include volvulus of the cecum, splenic flexure, or transverse colon and perforation of cecum, or subdiaphragmatic appendix.
Sigmoid volvulus in Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers.
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Considering the absence of obstruction, volvulus, or bowel ischaemia, Ladd's operation4 was not offered to the patient.
1,5,7,9] Poor outcomes have been noted in patients with early development of bowel gangrene like compound volvulus (sigmoid volvulus with ileosigmoid knotting) and acute mesenteric ischaemia and also in cases of malignancies.
After untwisting the volvulus segment, resection of about 1.
3%), volvulus in 3 (2%), Meckel's diverticulum in 1 (0.
Contrast-enhanced abdominal computed tomography (CT) showed typical features of MMR with volvulus (Fig.
While gastropexy won't prevent a dog from dilating, it does greatly reduce the likelihood that the stomach will flip which is the life-threatening "volvulus" part of gastric dilatation and volvulus.
The aim of this study was to describe the clinical presentation, type of surgical procedures performed, and to determine the prognosis of sigmoid volvulus.
Our patient presented because of abdominal pain and simultaneous leukocytosis/eosinophilia was found in association with volvulus and invagination during investigations.