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, Ukr. and Rus. Volyn, Pol. Wołyń, historic region, W Ukraine, around the headstreams of the Pripyat and Western Bug rivers in an area of forests, lakes, and marshlands.
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, Ukraine.
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After graduating from Volyn State University named after Lesya Ukrainka, she has been teaching the Ukrainian language and literature in Kyiv.
Victoria Kostyniuk, 18, explained that their costumes are from the Volyn region of Ukraine.
The journal Volyn (Volynia) reported that as soon as Jewish crowds started to amass near the shelter, Father Leontii asked for police help.
In the Volhynian massacre, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), the military wing of Stepan Bandera's Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists, killed up to 100,000 Poles mainly in the Volhynia, or Volyn region that is part of today's western Ukraine but was part of Poland before World War II.
Rovers are in Kerala for the eight-team Sait Nagjee Trophy and open up against Volyn Lutsk of Ukraine on Monday.
For example, in Volyn, officials were either threatened with violence or beaten-up for their resistance.
Georgia fashioned a good opening on 26 minutes when a clever backheel by Levan Mchedlidze after a thrown-in helped set up Alexander Kobakhidze for a sight of goal from just inside the box, but the Volyn midfielder blazed over.
The 21-year-old - who represented his country in the World Cup in Brazil - currently plays for Ukrainian side Volyn Lutsk, but expects to move on this summer.
They defeated Polonia Warsaw, Ukraine's Volyn Lutsk and Greek club Panathinaikos plus a number of other Academy teams, emerging champions to lift the trophy.
The results showed that 12 regions have been above the median, these are: Volyn (0.
The command was given by one of the commanders to cordon off the village and prepare for battle,'' Sharko said, according to the Russian-language investigative file, which bears the stamp of Ukraine's Volyn regional prosecutors' office.
Local experts reported one case in Volyn oblast, however, in which the government is prosecuting a village council deputy who organized a criminal ring that trafficked 20 women to Poland.