Volyn Hills

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Volyn’ Hills


located in the Western Ukrainian SSR between the Bug and Korchik rivers (the Sluch’ basin). In the north the Volyn’ Hills drop from a bench 30-50 m high to the Poles’e Lowlands, and in the southeast they are bounded by the Lesser Poles’e Plain. The elevation is 220-250 m (maximum elevation, 341 m at the Mizoch Ridge). Ridge-and-gulley terrain prevails. The Volyn’ Hills are divided into separate plateaus by the river valleys of the Bug, Styr’, and Goryn’ and their tributaries. Together with the Podol’sk Hills, the Volyn’ Hills are often called the Volyn’-Podol’sk Hills. The base of the Volyn’ Hills is Cretaceous deposits; in the west under the Cretaceous deposits lie the Carboniferous deposits of the L’vov-Volyn’ Coal Basin. On the interfluves, loess-like loams are found, and in the western region beneath them there are deposits of the Dneprian (maximum) glaciation. Forest-steppe landscapes prevail in the Volyn’ Hills.


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