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or Velyniane, eastern Slavs who lived at the end of the first millennium and the beginning of the second millennium A.D. on the territory of Volynia along both banks of the Bug River and at the sources of the Pripiat’ River.

Apparently, the Volyniane were one of the tribal formations that arose on the territory of the ancient tribe of the Duleby, which had already settled the area in the seventh century. The Buzhane were another such tribal formation. In Oleg’s campaign against Byzantium in 907, the VolynianeDuleby fought as allies of the Kiev an prince. Feudal relations were developing within the tribes in the tenth century. In 981, Vladimir Sviatoslavich subjugated the Cherven and Peremyshl’ lands, which were populated by Volyniane. The new feudal-princely city of Vladimir-Volynskii (on the Luga River) replaced Cherven as the territory’s center. A non-tribal Kiev an prince, alien to the Volyniane, was placed in the new city. In the tenth century, the Vladimir-Volynskii principality emerged on the Volyniane’s territory.


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