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a city in Volgograd Oblast, RSFSR, and a port on the left bank of the Volga at the source of the Akhtuba. Railroad station 25 km from Volgograd. Population, 142,000 (1970).

Volzhskii was founded in 1951 in connection with the construction of the Twenty-second Congress of the CPSU Volga Hydroelectric Power Plant, and it became a city in 1954. It has a chemical combine with a plant producing tires, as well as organic synthesis, synthetic rubber and fiber, asbestos and technical rubber goods, and nitrogen and oxygen plants. In addition, there are plants producing bearings, abrasives, and pipes, a mechanical repair plant, plants producing rein-forced-concrete products and porous clay filler, a meat combine, and a dairy and cheese combine. The educational institutions in Volzhskii include evening departments of the Volgograd Polytechnic Institute and the Institute of Engineers of Municipal Economy, a polytechnic technicum, a medical school, and a museum of city history.

The basis of the city’s plan (1954; architects V. N. Gugel’ and R. M. Torgovnik and engineers E. V. Burmistrov and E. Kh. Troitskaia) is a trident with streets radiating south from the main square and commanding a view of the water reservoir. The city has been built up in small blocks with a closed, perimetric plan. A stadium, palace of culture, and other buildings have been built.


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an urban-type settlement in the Krasnoiarsk Raion, Kuibyshev Oblast, RSFSR. Located on the right bank of the Sok River, near its influx into the Volga. It has a railroad station (Bol’shaia Tsarevshchina) 30 km north of Kuibyshev. Population 4,500 (1968). The settlement has reinforced-concrete and asphalt-bitumen plants.

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This type of collaboration was my first, and it was a partnership with a class at the Volzhsky Institute of the Humanities, a branch of Volgograd State University, in Russia.
Industrial gases company Praxair Inc (NYSE:PX) said on Monday that it has signed an agreement with SIBUR - Russian Tyres to acquire the latter's industrial and packaged gases business, called Volzhsky Azot, in the Volgograd Region of the Russian Federation.
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Thus, the new coating line will match the capacity of a new longitudinal welded large diameter pipe facility also currently being built in Volzhsky. The works to install the complex should be finalized and operations of longitudinal welded large diameter pipes are planned to start in 3rd quarter 2008 followed by launching new section of an anticorrosion coating in 4th quarter 2008.
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(1) Volzhsky Institute of Civil Engineering and Technologies (Branch) of the Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, 72 Lenin Avenue, Volzhski, The Volgograd Region 404111, Russia.
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