Franz Von Papen

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Papen, Franz Von


Born Oct. 29, 1879, in Werl, Westphalia; died May 2, 1969, in Obersasbach, Baden. A major war criminal of fascist Germany.

Papen was the son of a big landowner. He was an officer on the General Staff before the start of World War I (1914–18). He was a military attaché in the USA from 1913 to 1915 but was deported for espionage and subversive activity. Between 1921 and 1932 he was a deputy to the Prussian Landtag from the Catholic Center Party and a member of its extreme right wing. From July to November 1932, Papen headed the government whose policies contributed to the strengthening of the position of the Nazis. He was active in the establishment of the fascist dictatorship in January 1933 and joined Hitler’s government as vice-chancellor. As ambassador to Austria from July 1934 to March 1938, Papen played a role in the Anschluss —the forcible seizure of Austria by fascist Germany. As ambassador to Turkey from 1939 to 1944, he tried to draw Turkey into an alliance with fascist Germany. In 1946, Papen was a defendant at the International War Tribunal in Nuremberg, but he was acquitted because of disagreements among the members of the tribunal.

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Hitler forced his Vice Chancellor von Papen to resign.
Franz von Papen also bet that he could tame a dictatorial demagogue.
His Excellency The Honorable Ambassador Franz von Papen In deepest dedication On nth November 1940 Given by Joachim von Ribbentrop Foreign Minister of the German Reich.
Military attache Franz von Papen was expelled from the country, with charges relating to arson at munitions factories only dropped after he became German chancellor in 1932.
Bielaski was actually able to wrestle enough information from his prisoner to implicate von Papen and others at the German embassy in Washington.
As head of the Dominion Secret Police, Inspector MacNutt has been attempting to keep the Canadian border secure against a network of German saboteurs run out of New York by Captains Franz von Papen and Karl Boy-Ed.
The treaty, which involved the German hierarchy agreeing to withdraw from all social and political action, was negotiated at the highest level between Hitler personally (through Franz von Papen, his vice chancellor) and Pacelli on behalf of Pius XI.

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