Voronezh Chastye Kurgany

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Voronezh Chastye Kurgany


(dense barrows), a burial ground of the Early Iron Age (sixth-third centuries B.C.) on the outskirts of the city of Voronezh (41 mounds). Excavations were carried out intermittently between 1910 and 1956. The burials were made beneath the barrows in pits with wooden structures on pole frameworks. An inventory of the burials yielded such items as tools, weapons, clay and silver vessels, copper pots, and gold ornaments. Also found were items originating with the Scythians, with tribes of the Anan’ino culture, in Greek colonies in the Black Sea Region, and in Siberia. The finds indicate the existence of considerable property differentiation. The burial ground was apparently the work of the Budins.


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