Voronyi, Mikola Kondratevich

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Voronyi, Mikola Kondrat’evich


Bora Dec. 7, 1871; died 1942. Soviet Ukrainian poet, drama critic and authority, and translator.

Voronyi studied at the universities of L’vov and Vienna and began to publish in 1893. In 1901 he wrote the manifesto of the Ukrainian modernists, and in 1903 he published a literary miscellany, From Beyond the Clouds and From the Valleys. In 1920 he emigrated. Voronyi’s poetry is distinguished by the refinement of its rhythm and strophic structure. Some of his work is marked by narrow nationalism and decadent themes. In 1926 he returned to his homeland and began to teach and to write about the theater. He translated into Ukrainian the “Internationale,” “Marseillaise,” and “Varshavianka,” as well as many Russian and Western European classics. In his works about the theater he defended the realistic principles of the Moscow Art Theater.


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