(in Russian, Vyru), a city, the center of the Voru Raion, Estonian SSR. Located in the southeastern part of the republic on Lake Tammula. A railroad station on the Pskov-Valga line. Population, 15,000 (1970). The city has a plant that makes gas analyzers, a linen mill, a plant that produces reinforced-concrete construction elements, and lumbering, meat-packing, and dairy complexes. Voru has an industrial technicum and the museum-home of F. R. Kreutzwald. The city was founded in 1784.


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In Estonia's Voru district a rather different dialect is spoken, sometimes launched as a language (Koreinik 2011; Raag 2010) and the Setu ethnic group living in the Petseri/Petchory area on the Russian border speak a similar dialect heavily influenced by their Orthodox faith and they now claim some recognition as an ethnic group (Assmuth 2011; Berg 1999; Kaiser, Nikiforova 2006).
Then strikes continued in Tallinn, Parnu and Paide on March 8, and in Voru, Tartu and Rapla on March 9.
The town of Voru was selected for its liability to flash flooding, at any time of the year [19], due to the proximity of Lake Tamula.
Sully-sur-Loire team members include: Laurent Autrive, Pascal Bie, Thierry Bouard, Patrice Cardine, Denis Chevy, Bruno Dacier, Michael Fever, Simon Herpin, Sebastien Lac, Pascal Louis, Terence Morel, Thierry Pebre, Marc Pradet, Nicolas Prehault, Chris Rhodes, Thierry Tamplier, Marie-Pierre Villoing and Gilbert Voru.
2) Karlova is roughly bounded by Riia Street to the north, Tehase Street to the south, Turu Street to the east, and Voru Street to the west.
Vio aettum ao kaupa voru sem er framleidd a Islandi i stao _ess ao lata adrar _jooir graeoa a okkur.
inventory of emissions of hazardous substances and programme for the reduction of emissions in Hiiu, Jogeva, Jarva, Laane, Tartu, Polva, Parnu, Rapla, Saare, Valga, Viljandi, and Voru counties [14]
On 16 January 2005 farmer Rein Koiv discovered a huddle of squeaking rats on the sandy floor of his shed in Saru village, Moniste parish, Voru county, Estonia.