(in Russian, Vyru), a city, the center of the Voru Raion, Estonian SSR. Located in the southeastern part of the republic on Lake Tammula. A railroad station on the Pskov-Valga line. Population, 15,000 (1970). The city has a plant that makes gas analyzers, a linen mill, a plant that produces reinforced-concrete construction elements, and lumbering, meat-packing, and dairy complexes. Voru has an industrial technicum and the museum-home of F. R. Kreutzwald. The city was founded in 1784.


Ivask, A. la. Vyru. Tallin, 1969.
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The Tartu and Voru dialects are not distinguished in the Southern Estonian cultural area.
In addition to the main protest in Tallinn, other marches were held in Tartu, Parnu, Voru and Kuressaare.
in the Kihnu, Uulu, Tolla, Voru, Mehikoorma, and Varska sections in the northern part, and in the Liepaja, Liepkalns, Katlakalns, and Atasiene sections in the southern part of the study area.
The grammaticalization of a nominative participle into a marker of evidentiality is not an exceptional development in Finnic--in the Voru and Setu dialects of South Estonian, for instance, the nominative form ending in -v of the present participle has become a marker of reported evidentiality.
Nahes reaalset ohtu, et rinne mur dub, otsustas Laidoner saata Voru ja Petseri kaitseks lounarindele rohkem vaeosi, kaasa arvatud MDP.
2004a, Voru konekeel: nud-partitsiibi tunnuse varieerumine Vastseliina murrakus.
The new CHPs will have an installed capacity of 10 MWe, 28 MW heat each and will be located adjacent to the existing Imavere and Osula pellet production plants in Imavere and Voru Parish respectively.
In addition to Ingrian and Livonian, similar geminates, formed due to the influence of long medial syllables, are very common also in the Voru dialect of Estonian (Iva 2010 : 162).
The main operational directions of the Red Army's offensive on the southern front were expected to be from Pskov via Petseri (Pechory) to Voru and Valga as well as along the Pskov-Riga paved road.