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(in Russian, Vyru), a city, the center of the Voru Raion, Estonian SSR. Located in the southeastern part of the republic on Lake Tammula. A railroad station on the Pskov-Valga line. Population, 15,000 (1970). The city has a plant that makes gas analyzers, a linen mill, a plant that produces reinforced-concrete construction elements, and lumbering, meat-packing, and dairy complexes. Voru has an industrial technicum and the museum-home of F. R. Kreutzwald. The city was founded in 1784.


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Hundert Jahre voru"ber, waren die Engla"nder und die Amerikaner Feinde; aber heut sind sie herzlichen Freunde, Gott sei Dank!
Addressing a public meeting at Nidadvole as part of "Janmbhoomi Maa Voru" programme, Naidu said that smartphones will empower families and will help them in securing social welfare benefits from the government without a middleman.
As the first step here, we used meteorological observations--temperature and precipitation--from the reference period (1971-2000) for the following stations: Heltermaa, Jogeva, Johvi, Kihnu, Kunda, Kuressaare (Roomassaare harbour, 1971-1999), Kuusiku, Narva, Laane-Nigula, Pakri, Parnu, Ristna, Ruhnu, Sorve, Tallinn, Tartu-Ulenurme (Roela, 1971-1996), Tartu-Toravere, Tiirikoja, Tooma, Turi, Valga, Viljandi, Vilsandi, Virtsu, Voru and Vaike-Maarja.
(12) It can be assumed that these campaigns include the Battle of Tartu and the subsequent Tallinn Offensive Operation in September 1944, including moves through Voru County across the border from Pskov in Russia and from Latvian territory.
December 20-23, Estonian National Male Choir Christmas Concert Series, Tallinn, Tartu, Valga and Voru
[The new meaning of educational change.] Voru: Voru Taht.
Gosserlink CA (1993) and Phupong Voru et al (2002) found association between inadequate antenatal care and PPROM as in our study which had an incidence of 75% PPROM in unbooked cases.
Candu tovarasia are mai multe case de negotu asedate in deosebite judetie, darea, trecerea la condica si lipirea acestei prescurtari se voru face la tribunalulu fia-carui judetu.
Percent of employees living in different counties but having job in Tallinn Hiju county 1.2 Polva county 2.2 Valga county 2.3 Voru county 2.6 Jogeva county 2.7 Laane county 2.8 Saare county 3.5 Viljandi county 3.7 Jarva county 3.8 Rapla county 4.8 Laane-Viru county 6.1 Parnu county 7.5 Ida-Viru county 11.2 Tartu county 11.3 Harju county 34.5 Note: Table made from Bar graph.
In Estonia's Voru district a rather different dialect is spoken, sometimes launched as a language (Koreinik 2011; Raag 2010) and the Setu ethnic group living in the Petseri/Petchory area on the Russian border speak a similar dialect heavily influenced by their Orthodox faith and they now claim some recognition as an ethnic group (Assmuth 2011; Berg 1999; Kaiser, Nikiforova 2006).