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an urban-type settlement in Kiev Oblast, Ukrainian SSR, 35 km northwest of Kiev. Railroad station on the Kiev-Korosten’ Line. Population, 8,500 (1969). Vorzel’ is a health resort with warm summers (average July temperature 19° C) and moderately mild winters (average January temperature −6° C). The annual precipitation is about 600 mm. There are sanatoriums for patients with cardiovascular diseases and children’s sanatoriums for patients with inactive forms of tuberculosis. Vorzel’ also has hydrotherapy facili-ties and vacation homes.

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Involved is a donation to the Vorzel Orphanage near Kiev of a 200-person kitchen and dining hall that was once used by Bechtel work crew who are helping to dismantle and destroy a stockpile of Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) launch silos and control centers in Ukraine.
The Vorzel institution, designed to care for homeless and orphaned children from newborn to age 4, currently houses 135 youngsters.