Byelorussian engravers.

Maksim larmolinich Voshchanka. Died 1708. Engraver on copper; headed the printshop of the Mogilev Bogoiavlensk Fraternity. His works include 16 engravings for the book Monarchia Turecka opisana przezRicota, Slutsk, 1678, and 23 engravings for the bookAcathisti and Canons, Mogilev, 1693.

Vasilii Maksimovich Voshchanka. Worked in Mogilev during 1694-1730. A wood engraver, the son of M. Ia. Voshchanka. His works include wood engravings printed on linen in 1694, 1708 (Entombment of Christ), and 1723; title pages for Dioptra (1698) and New Sky (1699); and the pages “John of Damascus” and “Christmas” in Osmoglasnik (1730).


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Also, the participant of the artistic activity of the village Voshchanka Ruslan Ganyk participated in the regional thematic event "Eighteenth year of November".