Voskresensk Chronicle

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Voskresensk Chronicle


an all-Russian chronicle compilation of the 16th century, reflecting the interests of the Muscovite grand princes. The chronicle is one of the most outstanding in richness of source material and fullness of information.

The chronicle was preserved in 13 copies and was named after the copy that belonged to the Voskresensk Monastery in Novyi lerusalim. The Voskresensk Chronicle was revised four times: the first version contains events which occurred before August 1533, and the author was a supporter of Vasilii III; the second version concludes with events that occurred in 1537; the third version, the one which has come down to us, extends to 1541; the fourth version was compiled between 1542 and 1544 by a supporter of the Shuiskii princes. The Voskresensk Chronicle is based on the 1526 version of the Muscovite Compilation of 1479 and the Tikhonov version of the Rostov Compilation of 1489-1503. The Karamzin copy of the Voskresensk Chronicle was supplemented to cover the period from 1542 to 1552, and in the L×2019;vov Chronicle it was still further e×tended until 1560.


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