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see Udmurt RepublicUdmurt Republic
or Udmurtia,
constituent republic (1990 pop. 1,620,000), 16,255 sq mi (42,100 sq km), European Russia, in the forested foothills of the Urals, between the Kama and Vyatka rivers. Izhevsk (the capital), Sarapul, and Votkinsk are the chief cities.
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The dictionary contains Russian, Tatar, Cheremis, Chuvash, Votyak, Komi-Permyak, Komi-Zyrian and Mordvin entries.
It contained an order to send delegates to Moscow, <<and of all sorts of people, and of the Tartars, and of the Chuvash, and of the Cheremis (Mari) and of the Votyaks (Udmurts) to send to Moscow as many people as one should>> (23).
Harva spent the summers of 1911, 1912, and 1913 with respectively the Votiaks (Votyaks or Udmurt, their indigenous ethnonym), a Permian-speaking nation in the Urals, in the Siberian Arctic, and among the Cheremis (Marl, a Volgic-speaking nation in the great bend of the Volga), to extend his knowledge beyond the Finnish groups he already had studied.