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(The Leader), a monthly sociopolitical and methodological journal of the Central Committee of the All-Union Lenin Communist Youth League (Komsomol) and the Central Council of the Ail-Union Lenin Young Pioneer Organization. Published in Moscow. Founded in 1924.

Vozhatyi generalizes and propagates the work experience of Young Pioneer organizations and leaders in the field of communist upbringing; it also elucidates problems in the theory and history of the Young Pioneer movement and leadership of the Komsomol organizations and Young Pioneer brigades. The journal publishes methodological materials of assistance to leaders and teachers as well as surveys of the specialized literature in the field. The section entitled ’The Entertainer” prints materials for children’s artistic and amateur activities. As of 1971, Vozhatyi had a circulation of 250,000.


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For example, in 1932, the magazine for Pioneer leaders, Vozhatyi, encouraged its readers to mug up on the history and purpose of the week so that they could explain it to their charges.