Vratsa District

Vratsa District


an administrative territorial unit in northwest Bulgaria. Area, 4,200 sq km. Population, 300,000 (1969). Its administrative center is the city of Vratsa.

The larger, northern part of Vratsa District is situated on the Lower Danubian Plain. The southern part is within the Stara Planina (Balkan Mountains) and its northern foothills. The principal rivers are the Ogosta, Skut, and Iskur. The climate is moderate continental; the annual precipitation totals approximately 600 mm. There are massifs of oak and (in the mountains) beech forests; near the Danube the vegetation is of the steppe variety.

The Vratsa District is an industrial and agricultural region. During the years of socialist development branches of industry were established that utilized local natural resources —natural gas, ore deposits of nonferrous metals, and raw material for cement. There is nonferrous metallurgy (in Eliseina) and the production of cement (in Beli-Izvor) and nitrogen fertilizers (near the city of Vratsa). Other industries include the pulp and paper (Miziia), textile (in the cities of Vratsa and Mezdra), and food industries. The machine-building industry is expanding. The first nuclear power plant in Bulgaria is under construction (1971) near the village of Kozlodui, on the shore of the Danube. Approximately 60 percent of the district’s territory is cultivated; part of the area is irrigated by the waters of the Danube and its tributary, the Iskur. The principal agricultural crops are wheat, corn, sunflowers, sugar beets,and tomatoes; there is also viticulture. Cattle and hogs are raised here. The Vratsa District supplies farm produce to Sofia and other regions. It has a railroad junction at Mezdra and a port on the Danube at Oriakhovo.


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Contract notice: ensuring after-warranty full servicing and repair of the official vehicles of the asa, provided for use by the regional department of rescue service - vratsa and the nga on the territory of vratsa district
He noted that in order to protect the best interest of the children in the region of Vratsa, several institutions have joined forces to ensure the organization and coordination of the use of the room by all institutions working with children - the Municipality of Vratsa, which provides free of charge premises, Vratsa District Court and Vratsa Regional Court.
Tenders are invited for Elaboration of a project for reconstruction and rehabilitation of Lomska Street - part of the street network in Kozloduy, Kozloduy Municipality, Vratsa District, in two sections"
This order is intended to supply foodstuffs to the premises - Public Dining Room, located at the following address: Vratsa District, Kozloduy Municipality, Kozloduy Town, 16 Georgi Dimitrov Street, in the building of Vassil Levski Primary School in Kozloduy.
The project is expected to create new jobs in Vratsa District where both Mizia and Kozloduy are located.
The agenda of Wednesday's sitting of the caretaker government includes 20 points, including a decision on one-off aid to the heirs and successors of the flood victims in the village of Vranilovtsi, Gabrovo District, and the town of Mizia, Vratsa District.
Activities : The project shall establish Home Care Centres in four municipalities in Vratsa District with poor socio-economic indicators and high Roma population.
Vratsa District Governor Ventsislav Vasilev rejected in a Sunday interview allegations that dam walls had been torn and insisted that the only cause for the flood was the heavy rain.
Contract award: ~periodic medical examinations for the purpose of vratsa district prosecutor~s office.
The contract was for Periodic medical examinations for the purpose of Vratsa District Prosecutor.
Contract notice: medical examinations for the purpose of vratsa district prosecutor~s office.
1-01/2007/001/050 lot 47 rehabilitation and reconstruction of road ii-13 frontier montana-krivodol-nine borovan from km 10 +060 to km 16 +900 and from km 31 +300 to km 43 +486, vratsa district, with a total length of 19.