Vroblevskii, Eduard

Vroblevskii, Eduard Antonovich


Born Jan. 22 (Feb. 3), 1848, in Grodno: died Jan. 23 (Feb. 4), 1892, in St. Petersburg. Russian organic chemist.

Vroblevskii graduated from the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology and became a professor in 1875. He discovered the reaction in which the diazo is replaced by the ethoxy group. In 1876 he showed that the two ortho isomers of toluidine (the 1,2 and 1,6) are identical, that the same is true of the two meta isomers of bromotoluene (the 1,3 and 1,5), and that only one para isomer exists in either case. He also demonstrated the parity of all six hydrogen atoms in the benzene ring.


Gipoteza Kekule o stroenii aromatich. soedinenii i ee proverka. St. Petersburg, 1876.