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two groups of large predatory birds, treated together because of their similar ways of life and structural features. Most vultures feed on carrion and refuse (only the palm vulture feeds on fruit). Seeking their prey, vultures hover in the air for hours (with the aid of broad, long wings), sometimes from a very high altitude. They use their powerful beaks to tear the bodies of animals and remove the entrails, but they do not become smeared by the blood since their heads and necks are bare or covered with short down. Some vultures help in sanitation by disposing of refuse. Vultures nest on cliffs, in ravines, in trees, or on buildings. They carry food in their craws for their young and for nesting females.

Vultures are classified as American Vultures (family Cathartidae) and true, or Old World, vultures (some of the species of family Accipitridae). There are 14 species of true vultures, divided into nine (or ten) genera and distributed over Africa, southern Europe, and Central and South Asia. Five species (from four genera) live in the USSR: the black vulture found in the mountains of the Crimea, the Caucasus, Middle Asia, and southern Siberia; two species of griffon vultures, the carrion vulture; and the bearded vulture, or lammergeier.


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A strong association of active nests with eastern exposures in majority of study sites was probably to absorb maximum heat from the sun or it may be the specific characteristic of this species, as in case of Egyptian vultures, where the strong association of mean number of active and occupied nests with south facing slopes was reported as a typical preference of the species (Canut et al.
A documentary titled "Missing Vultures" was also screened to sensitise the public regarding the plight of vultures in Pakistan and efforts in
Moreover, the reduction in carcass detectability by vultures, and changes in agro-pastoral system in the study area might also be among the contributing factors of declining vulture population.
Although gaps exist, through satellite tracking more information is being gathered on when and where these vultures move and on the causes of mortality.
Although gaps exist, through satellite tracking, more information is being gathered on when and where these vultures move and on the causes of mortality.
She cited examples of others countries where decline in species has been a result of numerous factors, but "in the case of vultures, we know it's a certain chemical Diclofenac fed to cattle that has resulted in the rapid decline in their (vulture) numbers," she explained.
This year, the Nature and Parks Authority imported dozens of griffon vultures from Catalonia in Spain, Cyprus and Armenia in an effort to increase their numbers in Israel.
Beyond mere rebuttal, Section V makes a positive case for the value of vultures and argues that the self-interested pursuit of vulture investors throws off benefits to other bond investors, to sovereign borrowers, to the sovereign debt market, and to the debtor's society and the society that hosts the sovereign debt markets where nations borrow.
Birdlife International, The Peregrine Fund, Nature Kenya and the Kenya Bird of Prey Trust expressed their concerns yesterday in a joint statement saying poisoning has killed nearly 40 Critically Endangered vultures adjacent to the world famous Masai Mara National Reserve.
Of the four vultures tagged in previous years, two are known to have died, at least one by electrocution.
This initiative, launched in 2014, aims to monitor the movements of scavenging, soaring raptors (example Egyptian vultures and eagles) in Oman, stated a press release.
Across all of the banks there are 28,000 mortgage holders who have splitarrangements with financial institutions, who have been engaging with banks and making repayments and are now left wondering if their loans could be snapped up by ruthless vultures.