Vyborg, Sea Battle of 1790

Vyborg, Sea Battle of (1790)


a battle that took place on June 22 during the Russo-Swedish war of 1788-90. The Swedish fleet (including 22 battleships and 13 frigates, commanded by Duke K. Södermanland), after an unsuccessful battle near Krasnaia Gorka in May 1790, was blockaded by two Russian squadrons (including 27 battleships, 14 frigates, and two bombardment ships, under the command of Admiral V. Ia. Chichagov) in Vyborg Bay and on June 22 attempted to break through the blockade. In the battle the Swedish fleet lost seven battleships, three frigates, and 57 other vessels and ships. However, because of Chichagov’s slowness, the main forces of the Swedish fleet successfully broke out to Sveaborg. Soon after that the government of Sweden concluded the Värälä Treaty of 1790.