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Based on its work for a dozen early W2K adopters - most of them banks and financial institutions - ImagoQA believes it has unearthed all the principal migration problems.
"We have found that infrastructure server mappings are often different between NT and W2K and when DLLs (Dynamic Link libraries) are unregistered in W2K, many components for custom applications are therefore missing for dependent applications,"
The previous version 2.8 won the year 2001 W2K News Target Award for #1 Print Management Product of the Year.
Can you really see this scenario healing W2K [extreme weather in the Year 2000]?
But supporting Linux with NDS--as well as W2K, among other operating systems--is just the earliest indication that the company is changing strategies yet again.
To start with, according to my research-and-benchmarking friends at The Tolly Group, W2K implements over 60 Internet Engineering Task Force RFCs.
A SURPRISING lack of MS razzmatazz for last week's launch, perhaps because they have realised that W2K is not that much better than W95.
Unfortunately, Kirby notes, none of the IPCC's scenarios "foresees the possibility of anything remotely approaching that." Even the most optimistic response likely to be undertaken by the world's government "would do scarcely anything to dent concentrations." If levels of CO2 production rise to 29 gigatons per year, this would "probably mean the mass death of forests, with the trees releasing the CO2 they had stored up, adding to global warming." The collapse of the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica would be "inevitable." [See "W2K: The Extreme Weather Era," page 36.]
In short, the real threat to civilization has turned out to be not Y2K but W2K -- Weather in the Year 2000.