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Based on its work for a dozen early W2K adopters - most of them banks and financial institutions - ImagoQA believes it has unearthed all the principal migration problems.
To start with, according to my research-and-benchmarking friends at The Tolly Group, W2K implements over 60 Internet Engineering Task Force RFCs.
A SURPRISING lack of MS razzmatazz for last week's launch, perhaps because they have realised that W2K is not that much better than W95.
Ed Show that PMP won the W2K Award as the Best Print Management Software with Best Quality and Best Price after voting among 500,000 IT professionals.
The Award was won as a result of voting from over 500,000 W2K News subscribers consisting of Windows NT/2000/2003 Administrators, MIS Managers, MCPs, MCSEs and IT professionals around the world.
In short, the real threat to civilization has turned out to be not Y2K but W2K -- Weather in the Year 2000.
Who: Keynote speakers Brian Valentine, SVP Microsoft Windows division Greg Butterfield, Altiris president and CEO Dwain Kinghorn, Altiris chief strategy and technology officer What: For the first time Altiris and Microsoft are inviting media to the 5th annual Microsoft Management Summit (formerly SMS & W2K User Conference) presented by myITforum.
Currently, the SVM manages the storage needs of the Technion's Computer Center in a heterogeneous environment that includes W2K, Solaris(R), central Novell(R) cluster and Linux(R) servers for the deployment of IBM(R) high performance and high availability FAStT200 Raid storage devices.