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(1) (Wireless Access Point) See access point.

(2) (Wired Access Point) See wired access point.

(3) (Wireless Application Protocol) A standard for providing cellphones, pagers and other handhelds with secure access to email and text-based Web pages. Introduced in 1997 by Phone.com, Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia, WAP provides an environment for wireless applications that includes a wireless version of TCP/IP and a framework for telephony integration such as call control and phone book access. Supporting keypad and voice recognition, WAP is independent of the air interface and runs over all major wireless networks. It is also device independent and can be used in any mobile device.

WML, WMLScript and XHTML
WAP introduced the Wireless Markup Language (WML), a streamlined version of HTML, and WMLScript, a compact form of JavaScript that runs in limited memory. WML later evolved into mobile versions of XHTML, which, along with all WAP protocols, are governed by the Open Mobile Alliance, the successor to the WAP Forum (see OMA).

The multimedia messaging system (MMS) uses both the SMS text messaging and WAP protocols to transmit graphics, audio and video to cellphones (see MMS). See WTLS, XHTML, HDML, Openwave and i-mode.

No Information Overload Here
These are examples of the earlier, and very small, cellphone screens that were available when WAP was first deployed. (Image courtesy of Openwave Systems Inc.)

A WAP Gateway
This diagram depicts Openwave's Mobile Access Gateway which encodes and decodes WAP pages between the microbrowser in the smartphone and the Web server.
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However, it was not optimized for phones, and it was intended to be used with IP, since there was no WAP (essentially a wireless-optimized version of IP) at the time.
A key element to the success of WAP is ensuring backward compatibility between applications, gateways, and handsets.
The new CBS SportsLine and CBS News WAP sites feature next-generation functionality for mobile web sites.
At its essence, WAP is simple: it is a new protocol developed to deliver Internet content to wireless, portable devices.
The inclusion of Winwap's WAP Browser and MMS Client will enhance our overall MMI offering to customers and is consistent with our objective to give customers maximum flexibility in choosing their own combination of MMI suite to put on an advance OS platform," said Flora Pong, COO of RV Technology Limited.
SPs started to stress more on WAP services and invest more in the WAP market.
The Nokia WAP Gateway is a comprehensive, versatile, open-standard, telecom-class solution with over 50 operator customers worldwide.
The WAP Push message consists of two sections -- a text message, plus a URL of a related WAP page.
We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Data on Air management team in promoting WAP services throughout the Americas," stated Brett Caine, vice president of worldwide partners and channels for Openwave.
I am excited to be involved with the standard that is driving the wireless Internet and I am committed to seeing WAP grow at explosive rates for years to come," said Brown.
Said Nicholas Matzorkis, CEO of GlobalAgora: "Our challenge was to develop a WAP phone service with the technological flexibility to integrate into China's local systems, yet robust enough to handle the large number of shopping transactions that the emerging Chinese market represents.