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(1) (Wireless Access Point) See access point.

(2) (Wired Access Point) See wired access point.

(3) (Wireless Application Protocol) A standard for providing cellphones, pagers and other handhelds with secure access to email and text-based Web pages. Introduced in 1997 by Phone.com, Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia, WAP provides an environment for wireless applications that includes a wireless version of TCP/IP and a framework for telephony integration such as call control and phone book access. Supporting keypad and voice recognition, WAP is independent of the air interface and runs over all major wireless networks. It is also device independent and can be used in any mobile device.

WML, WMLScript and XHTML
WAP introduced the Wireless Markup Language (WML), a streamlined version of HTML, and WMLScript, a compact form of JavaScript that runs in limited memory. WML later evolved into mobile versions of XHTML, which, along with all WAP protocols, are governed by the Open Mobile Alliance, the successor to the WAP Forum (see OMA).

The multimedia messaging system (MMS) uses both the SMS text messaging and WAP protocols to transmit graphics, audio and video to cellphones (see MMS). See WTLS, XHTML, HDML, Openwave and i-mode.

No Information Overload Here
These are examples of the earlier, and very small, cellphone screens that were available when WAP was first deployed. (Image courtesy of Openwave Systems Inc.)

A WAP Gateway
This diagram depicts Openwave's Mobile Access Gateway which encodes and decodes WAP pages between the microbrowser in the smartphone and the Web server.
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In addition to this guidance, at the time of this article a major national WAP evaluation is being conducted with funding from DOE and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
ZyXEL WAP 3205 is easy to expand the network coverage to the entire home premise and enable all wireless devices to link to the existing network which plays a special appearance for larger home environments.
The mobile user will be able to access news instantly, on the move, in a flash directly on your mobile, through exclusive, real time WAP services beamed round the clock.
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In November 2004, IC Star MMS announced the launch of Star News WAP service, as well as a party of News channel at WAP portal in China.
According to the Mobile Data Association, WAP offers a huge number of services from flight information, motorway travel guides and route planning to the latest gigs, cinema listings and events happening across the UK.
The more European telecom shares get hit by skepticism about WAP services and worries about the debt taken on to pay for new investments, the more European operators turn to Japan for inspiration and hope.