Wireless Application Protocol

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Wireless Application Protocol

(protocol, standard)
(WAP) An open international standard for applications that use wireless communication, e.g. Internet access from a mobile phone.

The official body developing WAP is the WAP Forum.


Technical data.

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Another accessible user interface is done via WAP browser installed in cellular phones.
Your WAP browser will list news, weather, sport, entertainment and travel, plus you can store 255 favourite links.
Already a number of WAP browsers have been developed; these perform the same function on WAP devices that browsers like Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer do on Internet-linked desktop and laptop computers, that is, they provide the interface to remote services.
Nokia has introduced a WAP browser compliant with the WAP 1.
In addition, given the typical size of WAP browser screens, the WBMP graphics also need to be quite small.
com (site accessible from a WAP browser running on a WAP-enabled device).
The i2000 needs a WAP browser or a 50 per cent price cut - over to you Motorola.
The industry expects that customers won't be able to buy a phone without a WAP browser this time next year.
The service is also accessible through the website and through a WAP browser on the handset, he said, adding that the Telenor Pakistan is fully aware of the innovation our customers expect from us.
The new P900 smartphone included integrated digital camera for still pictures and video clip recording, video and audio players (including an MP3 music player), Multimedia Messaging (MMS), SMS, EMS and e-mail, a combined web and WAP browser and games with widescreen and sound capabilities.
WAP browser from Winwap Technologies Oy providing advanced WAP capabilities
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