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(waveform) /wav/, /dot wav/ A sound format developed by Microsoft and used extensively in Microsoft Windows. Conversion tools are available to allow most other operating systems to play .wav files.

.wav files are also used as the sound source in wavetable synthesis, e.g. in E-mu's SoundFont. In addition, .wav files are also supported by some MIDI sequencers as add-on audio. That is, pre-recorded .wav files are played back by control commands written in the sequence script.



(WAVe) The native digital audio format in Windows. Using the .WAV file extension, 8- or 16-bit samples can be taken at rates of 11,025 Hz, 22,050 Hz and 44,100 Hz. The highest quality (16-bit at 44,100 Hz) is the sampling rate of an audio CD and uses 88KB of storage per second. Windows employs WAV files for general system sounds, and new WAV files can be placed in the Windows Media folder (\WINDOWS\MEDIA or \WINNT\MEDIA) and assigned in the Sounds control panel.

The WAV format is widely used as the audio medium for professional recording and editing. For creating music CDs, WAV files are converted to the CD-DA audio format, and both WAV and CD-DA files take up a similar amount of storage space. See CD-DA.

Mostly Uncompressed PCM
The default content of a WAV file is uncompressed, pulse code modulated (PCM) digital samples derived from the analog source. However, WAV files can also be used to store compressed formats, including MP3, ADPCM, GSM, G.723.1 and others. A header in the file indicates the content type. See sampling and PCM.
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Authorized users can access calls via a browser-based user interface that allows them to search for and listen to, mark and comment on, download and e-mail recordings saved in WAV file format.
voiplog works by identifying the specific packers of data belonging to each conversation, converting the data into a WAV file and recording/storing them on a PC.
Their voice is converted into a standard WAV or higher quality 13-bit PCM WAV file and transmitted over the network to the recipient where it is answered or saved as voice mail.
The audio is saved as a WAV file so it can be used on all computers and can easily be recorded to CD through any audio CD burning software.
Regarded as the most natural-sounding speech engine on the market today, AT&T Natural Voices is available from Wizzard Software in both desktop and server versions, with highly competitive port and wav file pricing.
You can then transfer WAV file recordings to your desktop or notebook computer for storage, editing, or sending to others via e-mail.
Copy DVD-Video to Audio CD -- Music fans can create their own version of a soundtrack by extracting audio tracks from a DVD movie and saving the file as a MP3, WMA, or WAV file.
The 40GB version, the CNJBZ40F, has both USB and Firewire sockets and, thanks to that huge capacity, can store and play up to 8,000 MP3, WMA and WAV files.
SlamTrack enables carriers to maintain closer control over the complaint-resolution process, tracking and managing all documentation including voice WAV files, bills, faxes, e-mail, and hand-written letters.