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The country code for the Wallis and Futuna Islands.
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Abbr. for “wide flange.”
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Windows Workflow Foundation

The workflow subsystem in Windows, starting with Vista. Introduced in the .NET Framework 3.0 programming interface (API), Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) enables tasks to be automated. Workflows are described using .NET programming languages or the Extensible Application Markup Language (see XAML).

WWF and WCF in Tandem
WWF workflows are set up as activities that run sequentially or in parallel. A base set of activities are provided, and developers can create their own. In a Web services scenario, a WWF flow would be used to set up the logic, and the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) messaging system would be used to send messages to applications. See Windows Communication Foundation.


(1) (Windows Workflow Foundation) The workflow subsystem in Windows, starting with Vista. Introduced in .NET Framework 3.0, WWF enables tasks to be automated, and workflows are described using .NET or XAML. WWF activities run sequentially or in parallel, and although a base set is provided, developers can create their own. In a Web services scenario, a WWF flow would set up the logic, and Windows would send messages to applications (see WCF). See .NET Framework and XAML.

(2) (World Wide Fund for Nature) Founded in 1961 as the World Wildlife Fund, the WWF is the world's largest conservation organization. It deals with climate, food, forests, oceans, wildlife and more. For more information, visit See WWF file format.
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WFS also is investing in new digital technology systems to improve operational efficiency and shipment visibility.
The WFS will be held in Miami, 25-26 September 2019.
WFS is also starting the process to become the first cargo handling partner in Atlanta to achieve Good Distribution Practice (GDP) certification.
WFS understands that each member's financial plan is unique.
The GDP certification has confirms WFS' compliance with quality standards of WHO, IATA and PDA for handling pharmaceutical and life science products, as well as with Service Level Agreements signed with individual airline customers in New York, the company said.
In February 2016 WFS acquired Consolidated Aviation Services, one of the leading cargo handlers in the United States.
Experiments were conducted by replacing 20% of aggregates in concrete mixtures with the WFS and increases of up to 10% were achieved in water absorption and capillary absorption values.
WFS would not exist were it not for our members, and it is critical for WFS going forward to provide individual and institutional members with meaningful returns on their investment, such as global professional networking, educational and work opportunities, as well as access to unique research and analysis, to name a few.
Also, Brazil, Cameroon and Uruguay have achieved the more ambitious WFS target.
Revenue fell 1% to $7.525B, $39B less than WFS was looking for and $21B below consensus.
Bonthoux, a graduate of the University of Nantes in France, joined Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) in 2006 and has since held a succession of management positions, becoming executive vice president North America in May of this year, giving her oversight of both ground handling and cargo for the region.
Abu Dhabi will hold the International Air Transport Association's (Iata) first World Financial Symposium (WFS) for the airline industry, which is expected to be attended by more than 600 financial executives and specialists.