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white box

(1) See white box testing and white box networking.

(2) A PC made from commonly available parts. White box marketing refers to the many small companies that assemble and sell Windows PCs (and occasionally Linux PCs) under their own brand name (or no name). These companies often take advantage of surplus motherboards, drives and other parts they can easily mix and match.

Mostly White
The "white" refers to the packing carton of the computer case, which is often white. More importantly, the carton and case are devoid of the original manufacturer's logos so that resellers can add their own if they desire.

In Decline
Due to sales of laptop and tablets, the desktop market is in decline, which also affects the white box market. Although there is a "white book" market for white box laptops, parts are not as interchangeable as desktops, and they are more difficult to support. Both the white box and white book markets are expected to continue declining. See OEM.
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'Dispersive's reputation for solving military grade security and performance is well recognized,' stated Sven Freudenfeld, CTO Telecom Application Business Unit, 'Lanner is enthusiastic about helping to extend those benefits to government and commercial enterprise clients around the world with our best in class whitebox solutions.'
The government has opened up support to innovations by launching the Whitebox Project, which is a hub to aid innovators who seek government support to incubate their ideas, Ochieng said.
Minipack is a disaggregated whitebox system providing a flexible mix of 100GbE and 400GbE ports up to a system capacity of 12.8Tbps, ideal for the deploying the next generation of high capacity data center fabrics, Internet exchanges, and high bandwidth service provider infrastructures with the flexibility and cost benefits of open networking.
The solution includes Whitebox testing devices for customer premises (or a router software development kit that larger telcos can use), test servers that run on the Cloudflare infrastructure, and SamKnows One cloud-based analytics software for real-time reporting of results.
Edgecore Networks, the provider of open networking, has announced the general availability of its Cassini open packet transponder, the industry's highest capacity and first modular whitebox packet transponder offering a flexible mix of 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) packet switching ports and 100/200 Gbps coherent optical interfaces for data center interconnect and service provider optical network use cases, the company said.
The paper identifies an AI-enabled RAN Intelligent Controller, RAN Virtualization, Open Interfaces, Whitebox Hardware, and Open Source Software as key focus areas.
For red wine in the price range of P600 to P1,000, Vega recommends Pebble Lane Merlot or Pebble Lane Pinot Noir (a favorite of restaurants); or Whitebox Yarra Valley Shiraz or Whitebox Pinot Noir.
As of this printing, ACTE is excited to offer exhibitor workshops led by Solidworks, Chief Architect Software, Certiport, CEV, Roland DGA, CareerSafe Online, ASVAB Career Exploration Program, Conover Company, TestOut Corp., Whitebox Learning, Pitsco Education, The American Boat & Yacht Council, Human eSources and more.
Cumulus Networks has gone live in anetwork trial with the Facebook-designed Voyager optical whitebox, the industry's first open packet-optical transport system.