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(Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) An earlier wireless 4G wide area network (WAN) technology that conformed to certain parts of the IEEE 802.16 standard (for more details, see 802.16).

Governed by the WiMAX Forum (www.wimaxforum.org), WiMAX allowed ISPs and carriers to offer last mile connectivity to homes and businesses over the air without the expense of routing wires. In addition, Mobile WiMAX (WiMAX 2) supported users on the go. Whereas Wi-Fi hotspot coverage is measured in feet, WiMAX cells were measured in miles similar to cellular systems. WiMAX competed with 4G LTE service (see LTE, 4G and IMT-Advanced).

Femto Access Points Inside a Building
A "WiMAX femto access point" (WFAP) was a small, indoor base station with a limited range. It connected to the organization's network and passed data to the WiMAX carrier's network via the Internet (see femtocell).

Google, Clearwire and WiMAX
In 2008, Sprint and Clearwire merged to develop Internet access to mobile devices using WiMAX, rather than the traditional CDMA and GSM cellular technologies. Google also invested in the venture. As Sprint transitioned to LTE, in November 2015, WiMAX was shut down. However, a court ordered Sprint to keep WiMAX running an additional 90 days for two large customers covering some 75 cities across the U.S. See Clearwire.
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The second is price and ease of installation: At present, WiMax equipment costs around e200 per customer device, and expensive external aerials must be bolted onto buildings.
WiBro commercial services could be launched at around the same time that WiMAX has its commercial launch.
For any questions regarding AeroMACS, WiGRID, WiMAX technology, or the WiMAX Forum, please contact Alessandra Rocha at Alessandra.Rocha@WiMAXForum.org.
Q: Can you explain a bit more about WiMAX applications for utilities?
Meanwhile, even as the auction of 3G licences is expected to suffer more delays after the government cancelled the contracts of foreign consultants hired to monitor the auction, Byrne says the WiMAX Forum will welcome 3G deployment in Pakistan.
Despite reduction of Intel in its engagement in WiMAX last year, the MOEA has stood by its commitment to the WiMAX industry, due to lagged development of LTE and 80% of technological similarity between WiMAX and LTE.
In addition to data collection/analysis and statistics, the research process included brainstorming/problem solving for business cases, current problems with Wi-Fi access, and potential future research and problems with WiMAX implementation.
Clearwire last week made waves in the WiMAX community when it said that it would begin trying out LTE network infrastructure as a possible complement or alternative to its current WMAX network.
Global majors in the WiMAX segment are participating in the event - Making it truly global platform to conduct business - Samsung, Motorola, ZTE, Intel, Huawei, Bridgewater Systems, Dragonwave, Pointred, Alvarion, Runcom, Beceem, Agilent Technologies, GCT, GTL, Juni, Lepton Software, Mediatek.
"The services offered by Eden Rock enable smaller operators to create their own 'virtual 4G technology team,' leveraging the same support resources as some of Motorola's largest WiMAX customers," Immendorf added.
Last month, the WiMAX Forum announced that the first 2.3 GHz products gained WiMAX Forum Certified status.