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Light WIMPs are quite different in energy, mass, interacting particle, and flux.
This is very different from what happens with bosons' cousins, the fermions, which include electrons, protons, and even WIMPs. There can only be one fermion at any given point of space, like bowling balls.
LHC experiments might yet create superpartners; dark matter detectors might yet snatch a WIMP from the sky.
Even though the experiment did not detect a WIMP, the progress sets the stage for an ambitious next-generation project called XENON1T, which will use a much larger, one-ton liquid xenon instrument with highly specialized light-detectors developed at UCLA that make it 100 times more sensitive than XENON100, said David Cline, a UCLA professor of physics and founder of UCLA's dark matter group.
"Every so often, a Wimp will bounce off an atom in the detector, creating a very tiny little signal.
Other examples of men being portrayed as wimps include the Mister Muscle man doing housework in his underwear and a guy licking Carling lager off the floor of his apartment, so cleaning it for his girlfriend.
Sleep is not for wimps. Honey Nut Loops, only betting with money you can afford to lose, and mittens are for wimps - not sleep.
AT THE OTHER EXTREME FROM TRUE manliness is the wimp. Wimps are in many ways the opposite of barbarians.
At the Boulby Underground Laboratory for Dark Matter Research, which is located 1,100 metres underground, 3.1 million [pounds sterling] has recently been spent on new detectors designed to spot collisions between WIMPs and ordinary matter.
Our study focused on a specific type of cold dark matter called WIMPs, or weakly interacting massive particles, because they can account for some structure formation.
We're a bunch of ground-stroking, second-serving, throat-grabbing, thumb-sucking tennis wimps. Woody Paige of the Denver Post commenting on the exit of the 14 American men in singles at Wimbledon We're a bunch of ground-stroking, second-serving, throat-grabbing, thumb-sucking tennis wimps.
The United States has become a nation of wimps, whiners and crybabies whose fragile psyche is incapable of accepting responsibility for even the smallest adverse consequence of its actions.