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see War Production BoardWar Production Board
(WPB), former U.S. government agency, established (Jan., 1942) by executive order to direct war production and the procurement of materials in World War II. The chairman (Donald M. Nelson, 1942–44; Julius A.
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Griffin [35] has proposed a cognitive rehearsal strategy in which nurses are taught to delay automatic thoughts and respond differently through empowerment strategies to address WPB; the participants perceived themselves to be more confident in their ability to recognize and address bullying in the workplace following their education.
The WPB anticipated this question and was quick to answer that scrap was routinely used even in peacetime.
Furthermore, the 24-mm thick WPB did not ignite even at 35 kW/[m.sup.2] (620 [degrees]C).
In the October 1942 issue of Farm Machinery and Equipment, under the heading "FLASHY!" new rules set by the WPB for 1943 were announced.
Consequently, a WPB report concluded that the Southern industry's "wage structure must be brought back into line with wage trends in industry generally." Soon thereafter the WPB ordered an increase in Southern textile wages and fringe benefits.
However, the panel considered the overall liking of the WPB as acceptable.
Tucker had served on the WPBs of both the United States and Canada, and was familiar with the workings and politics of both bodies.
The demands associated with total war that came in the wake of Pearl Harbor called for strong measures to eliminate wasting essential plant capacity on nonessential goods and, in January 1942, Roosevelt formed a new War Production Board (WPB), appointing Donald M.