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see War Production BoardWar Production Board
(WPB), former U.S. government agency, established (Jan., 1942) by executive order to direct war production and the procurement of materials in World War II. The chairman (Donald M. Nelson, 1942–44; Julius A.
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The WPB anticipated this question and was quick to answer that scrap was routinely used even in peacetime.
One WPB study estimated that 42 million tons of scrap would be required each year to produce new steel.
The WPB preferred these arrangements over direct metal donations to the government because the dealers saved Uncle Sam the trouble of sorting and preparing the various types of metal for processing.
Most frequently, differences were observed when exposing 6 mm OSB and WPB to 35 kW/[m.
2] (650 [degrees]C), fire retardant almost failed to protect WPB.
As may be seen from Figure 5, as soon as WPB was exposed to the flame of the main burner, the heat release rate immediately began to increase and the maximum heat release rate ([HRR.
Consequently, a WPB report concluded that the Southern industry's "wage structure must be brought back into line with wage trends in industry generally.
The Smaller War Plants Corporation within the WPB made heroic efforts to direct government contracts to medium-sized and smaller manufacturers and offered subsidies to make that feasible.
For a brief moment the WPB was run by two co-directors who embodied the nation's delicate political equilibrium: William Knudsen, the head of General Motors, and Sidney Hillman, a founder of the CIO, the nation's social-democratic-minded and most militant labor federation.
A year later, the WPB modified the quotas again, allowing production of 80 percent of pre-war sales.
He worked in the tank and combat vehicle division until 1944, when he was reassigned to the WPB as director of the Farm Machinery and Equipment Division.