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The tournament speaks to the stunning popularity and growth of the game of Texas Hold'em," said Jim Kasputis, president of RCGA, whose company assists Illinois charities such as WSAD run their own tournaments and raise money to help fund programs they sponsor.
Since Microsoft developers are notoriously contemptuous of modeling, and Microsoft itself has never warmed to UML, an OMG standard, the net result might be that XDE sees more use with WSAD than with Visual Studio .
As such, the report quantifies the productivity and architecture benefits of using the revolutionary development framework approach of BEA WebLogic Workshop versus the traditional, low-level J2EE development approach required by IBM WSAD.
The sample application has been integrated with a built-in example project and is easily accessible directly within the WSAD environment.
0) and IBM WebSphere Studio development environments, including WSAD, WSSD and WDSc for iSeries (5.
By offering plug-ins for leading environments such as WSAD, XDE, Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio .