wireless USB

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wireless USB

The wireless version of the universal serial bus (USB). Using ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, wireless USB is used to transmit the content of a laptop screen to a TV set or to a USB device that is within line of sight. Up to two meters (6.6 ft.), wireless USB provides the same data rate as USB 2.0 (480 Mbps). Within 10 meters (33 ft.), it reduces to 110 Mbps.

More Than Enough Connections
Wireless USB (WUSB) uses a hub and spoke architecture that provides up to 127 point-to-point connections. In 2004, the wireless USB Promoter Group was initiated at the Intel Developer Forum, which included HP, Microsoft and others. See USB, WHDI, WiGig and WirelessHD.

The First Wireless USB Hub
Introduced in 2006, the Belkin transceiver plugs into a USB port on a laptop, while the hub is cabled to four external USB devices, such as a hard disk, keyboard or printer. (Image courtesy of Belkin Corporation, www.belkin.com)

Stream to the TV
Warpia's StreamHD transmits screen output to a receiver that plugs into the HDMI port of a TV. Everything on the laptop screen appears on the larger display. (Image courtesy of Warpia, Inc., www.warpia.com)
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The company's WUSB link operates at approximately 110 Mbits/sec and provides an effective data rate of about 75 Mbits/sec.
In the near future, the XS110 chips will provide for TCP/IP communications that can coexist within a WUSB setup.
Members have WUSB, Bluetooth and "FireWireless" projects underway.
Ravencraft expects CWUSB to appeal to embedded-system developers who use a non-Windows operating system because WUSB provides a limited-host, or embedded-host, capability.
Microsoft will eventually provide WUSB drivers, but WiQuest now provides its own Windows drivers for early adopters who must get off to a fast start.
There are several varieties of USB including low-speed (1.5 Mb/sec), full-speed (12 Mb/sec), high-speed (480 Mb/sec), On-The-Go (OTG, 12-480 Mb/sec), and Wireless USB (WUSB, 480 Mb/sec).
WUSB is designed as a wireless replacement for cabled systems and to operate at ranges of less then 10 m.