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water vapor transmission (WVT)

The rate of water vapor flow, under steady specified conditions, through a unit area of material between the two parallel surfaces (and normal to these surfaces).
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8c and d, with the concentration of HSG increasing to 5 wt%, the WVT rate and air permeability were, respectively, decreased to 7.5 kg/[m.sup.2]/day and 8.7 L/[m.sup.2]/s remarkably.
Failure of PU-201 could be because of low adhesive strength (Table 4) and higher WVT than PU-181 (Fig.
Table 2: WVT and WVP results Paint WVT WVT WVP Code grains/ std.
The equation that represents the relation between x = chamber RH and y = WVT rate is (exponential) y = a + b exp(-x/c)
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In January, WVT Communications, formerly Warwick Valley Telephone, in Warwick, N.Y., will mark its 100th year anniversary of providing quality, cutting-edge telecommunications services.
Water vapor transmission rate (WVT) was calculated from the weight of the test container before and after the test (WVT = [DELTA]G/A/t, where [DELTA]G is the weight change, t is the time during which G occurs, and A is the test area) [2].
The book itself, like all the BASIS (Ballads and Songs-International Studies) volumes from WVT, is very nicely produced, printed on quality paper, and good value for money.
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