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see VáhVáh
, Hung. Vág, river, c.245 mi (390 km) long, Slovakia. It is formed by the union of the Biély Váh, rising in the High Tatra, and the Cierny Váh, rising in the Low Tatra, and flows SW into the Danube at Komárno.
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, river, Slovakia.
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Vanitas is an installation-based piece that will be on display, via a web link, from today until Friday, in the Theatrum Anatomicum of The Waag building in Amsterdam.
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n Oomblik aarsel Kees, waag dit darem en gaan met 'n gerusstellende uff-uff langs die moeder sit.
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Gunther P, Schenk JP, Wunsch R, Holland-Cunz S, Kessler U, Troger J, Waag KL.
Ook Cas Vos waag sy hand aan hierdie vorm, eweneens met gemengde sukses.
the Cafe de la Terrace, at the Waag Hall, and especially at Number 1
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Die gelukkige einde, wanneer albei hulle vir 'n derde keer in 'n huwelik waag, is terselfdertyd die roman se begin.
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