Wafd Party

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Wafd Party


(Arabic, literally “delegation”), from 1918 to 1953 the largest political party of Egypt and leader of the national liberation movement.

The Wafd Party was founded by Said Zaghlul in November 1918. In 1927, Nahas Pasha became its chairman. Basically the party of the nationalist bourgeoisie, the Wafd also included representatives of the intelligentsia, landowners, and petite bourgeoisie. It regarded as its main task the attainment of Egypt’s complete independence. It was in power in 1924, 1928, and 1930 and from 1936 to 1937, 1942 to 1944, and 1950 to January 1952. It showed indecision in organizing resistance to the English aggression at the end of 1951 and the beginning of 1952, and this wavering shook its authority with the popular masses. The Wafd took no part in the revolution of 1952 and was dissolved in January 1953; some of the Wafd members unsuccessfully fought the government of Nasser in actions of 1954, 1957, and 1961.


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The bloc was primarily designed to include the liberal Wafd Party, the Egyptian Social Democratic Party and the leftist Tagammu party.
It is likely that the presidential system will be maintained, but with guarantees to ensure that the ruler will not turn into a dictator," said Baha Al Deen Abu Shuqa, a senior official in the liberal Al Wafd Party.
Mokhtar had been part of Zaghloul's movement against British rule in Egypt and a member of the liberal Wafd Party, which had spearheaded the fight against foreign occupation.
The Wafd Party, led by businessman El-Sayed El-Badawi and served by the Hayat television channel, suffered a big loss.
Ahmed Ezz El-Arab, the vice chairman of Egypt's Wafd Party, went on to claim that Anne Frank's memoirs were a "fake" and that despite evidence; six million Jews were not killed in the Holocaust.
In a meeting on Tuesday, participants including the Brotherood s Freedom and Justice Party, the liberal Wafd party, the left-leaning Tagammu and the newly formed Salafi (Muslim Fundamentalist) Noor party, joined hands to "channel their efforts.
Gul met leaders of some parties and representatives of NGOs in Egypt, including Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Bedi, Ayman Nour, chairperson of El-Ghad political party, Sayyid al-Badawi, President of Egypt's New Wafd party, as well as George Ishak, chairman of Kefaya Group.
Mounir Abdel Nour, secretary-general of the Wafd party, a decades old liberal, nationalist party, became tourism minister.
Some Egyptian opposition parties, including the Wafd Party, also came up with conditions after an emergency meeting Tuesday evening to the regime for not supporting the massive demonstration.
Sunday's runoff saw candidates from the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) running mostly against members of the same party after Egypt's two main opposition movements, the Muslim Brotherhood and the liberal Wafd party, pull out of the race.
It will not be a surprise when the final results of the Egyptian parliamentary elections are announced and it appears that candidates affiliated with opposition forces have won seats in the second round, which was held yesterday, despite the fact that the first round had ended in the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) winning a number of seats unbelievable at any elections, the Wafd Party winning two seats and the El-Ghad, Tagammu and Social Justice parties winning one seat each.