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(Write Anywhere File Layout) A high-performance journaling file system used in Network Appliance's NAS and caching devices. It natively supports RAID implementations and allows for expansion on the fly. Using a clever system of pointers to disk clusters that take up a small amount of extra disk space, WAFL enables up to 31 snapshots of the disk to be scheduled in order to roll back to previous versions of the data. See Network Appliance.
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1. A curved roof structure spanning an area; often spherical in shape.
2. A square prefabricated pan form; used in two-way joist (waffle) concrete floor construction.
3. A vault substantially hemispherical in shape, but sometimes slightly pointed or bulbous; a ceiling of similar form. also see geodesic dome and saucer dome.
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This waffle recipe is from the 1963 edition of the Inverness Cook-book which has been a favorite of mine for years.
| Spray a waffle pan or waffle iron with calorie-controlled cooking spray.
This electric waffle iron will be able to cook a Belgian waffle and an omelet simultaneously, so that hungry stomachs need not wait too long to gobble down either.
The human waffle makers hurriedly poured the gloopy batter into the overlapping hot irons while children, accompanied by freshly-manicured mommies urging them to add fruit, clamored to pick sugar-laden toppings.
ONE thing you will never have to give children too much of a hard sell on is waffles.
I remember us sitting up all night talking, energized by coffee and cigarettes; packing NDP meetings to elect Waffle delegates and vote against our professors who represented the traditional wing of the NDP; allying municipally with both the New Left and the Flora MacDonald Conservatives to stop a development on the Kingston waterfront and somehow finding the time to write our essays and study for exams in the time left over.
Carrying a brand that offers a complete line of waffle makers -- from Belgian to heart shape to krumkake to petite cones and pizzelles -- allows you to make a defi nitive statement with your waffle maker display.
Using a pastry brush, coat grids of waffle iron with oil.
Dairy Queen reports that it has introduces freshly baked waffle bowls and cones as of May 1.
A specialist waffle and pancake maker from Staffordshire no longer claims to produce the fastest waffles in the West after its products proved a hit in the Middle East.
Thick and crunchy on the outside but soft, moist and sweet on the inside, with chunky clumps of sugar throughout the waffle. Really tasty and good quality.
* After serving the first breakfast utilizing our new waffle maker, the question was raised as to how long this treat has been available.