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Experts often describe Korea's wage structure as the case of the tail wagging the dog.
BBC should recognize the problem and offer apologizes, then put a fair and transparent wage structure," Gracie said.
Like many other construction workers, particularly women, she is deprived of professional safety, social security, reassessment of their wage structure, professional training and health care facilities.
There is a hefty report out this week on the changing world of work and how the gig economy and part-time work for women has undermined the wage structure.
That works out at an incredible PS420,000-aweek following the fall of the pound against the Euro - and would wreck Bayern's strict wage structure.
The department say this is the amount of hours under 25s must work to compensate for the lower wage structure.
Further complications and inequalities will be brought into the National Minimum Wage structure.
Try to go between 20-25 or 21-24 and anything around that bracket and in terms of your wage bill, you will be able to work at your wage structure and get it around about right.
FINANCE minister Harris Georgiades was correct to announce government plans to change the wage structure of the public sector, even if the changes would be introduced after the end of the assistance programme in 2016.
The wage order simplifies the wage structure from industry classification to asset size as basis in the classification of establishments, benefitting mainly those who were previously receiving a daily minimum wage of P205 in micro establishments and non-plantation agriculture.
Adams believes his former club's inability to land big targets is due to their skewed wage structure.
He said there is a need to find a mechanism to improve the wage structure.