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Dreamchaser is based), Aircraft Synthetic Vision System, Small Aircraft Transportation System, NASA Wake Vortex Hazards and Atmospheric Sciences Earth Albedo.
Down flows and the initial vortex in the upper corner of the spur dike with the secondary vortex and wake vortex in the middle part and downstream corner of spur dike cause the interaction between water flow and the bed materials and this is the major cause of scouring around the spur dike.
One of the first areas for joint activity that will take place under this agreement, is to advance the research on the Wake Vortex concepts.
Proactive Freedoms: Option to prioritise use of the southern runway for A380s, Terminal 4 aircraft and small/light wake vortex category aircraft for increased taxi and stand efficiency.
Tenders are invited for Provision of Wake Vortex, weather and traffic data analysis in support to P681.
Panel to probe turbulence safety methods The International Civil Aviation Organization will study how to lower hazards caused by turbulence including wake vortex upsets, and Eurocontrol and Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands are working to pinpoint hot spots for the activity.
Given its weight, it was possible that additional separation would have been needed for the new B747-800 to ensure that wake vortex turbulence would not be a risk to other aircraft in the vicinity.
Consequently, when he hit the wake vortex he had insufficient time in which to prevent his aircraft colliding with the mountain.
There were fears that the wake vortex - the degree of air turbulence created by the A380 - would mean other aircraft would have to keep a great distance between themselves and the giant plane.
The wake vortex from a Boeing 747 airliner can send a 737, its smaller cousin, into a sudden 45[degrees] bank, says Saffman.
His solution consisted of a modular container system with rollers on the inside and a chute to move the contents past the wake vortex caused by the open ramp in flight.
7 at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, Fred Proctor will present "Recent Wake Vortex Research at NASA Langley" at 2 p.