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Lech . born 1943, Polish statesman: president of Poland (1990--95); leader of the independent trade union Solidarity 1980--90; Nobel peace prize 1983
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e We in Walesa have a as much right as the people of Scotland to run our countryr ourselvr es.
Poland's brief period of loose freedom ended in December 1981, when General Wojcieck Jaruzelski, fearing direct armed intervention from the Soviet leadership in Moscow, imposed martial law, suspended the Solidarity trade union, arrested many of its leaders, and interned Walesa. There wasn't much room for compromise and collective bargaining in the security ministries that occupied the dour buildings in Warsaw adjacent to the central economic planning ones.
"I am pleading with you to continue the discussions so you can find the answer to those questions," Walesa said.
I spoke to one of our guides and he told me Walesa may have been a charismatic revolutionary but he was unable to set up a new government.
If you can say or do anything while in Poland, it would really mean something to them," Walesa, the country's first post-communist president, said in the post addressed to "Mr.
But Walesa, now 72, said: "You are not able to change the true facts through lies, slander and forgeries."
Denying the claims, Walesa, 72, who defied Soviet rule in Poland, said: "You are not able to change the true facts through lies."
"The personal file contains an envelope and in it there is a manually written commitment to collaborate with the secret service signed: Lech Walesa "Bolek"," said a spokesman for the institute.
I will write in a separate set of columns my reports and analyses of discussions with Walesa and a handful of other leading Polish intellectuals and activists.
As a Nobel Peace Prize recipient and member of the summit, Walesa made the trip to Japan in order to visit the summit's leading partner, Mazda.
WARSAW -- Lech Walesa, the Polish democracy icon and Nobel peace prize winner, has sparked outrage in Poland by saying that gays have no right to a prominent role in politics and that as a minority they need to "adjust to smaller things."