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Lech . born 1943, Polish statesman: president of Poland (1990--95); leader of the independent trade union Solidarity 1980--90; Nobel peace prize 1983
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Through a business mean, Mr Walesa said, Things are quite different today as people are migrating from urban to rural as farming is paying well.
The three most important points that I retain from my conversation with Lech Walesa ring familiarly in the current struggle for freedom, stability and legitimacy across the Arab world.
Speaking to Mazda executives, Walesa said, "In order to make things better in the world, leaders have never given up in the face of difficult challenges and conventional thinking.
Walesa, like Romney, now leans far to the right, especially on social issues such as abortion and gay marriage.
While in the country, John had visited Walesa, who had then recently served a jail term for his activism, in his flat.
His outstanding voice of wisdom will be missed in Europe," said Mr Walesa.
Who other than Lech Walesa can better share this experience.
It is an honor to have Lech Walesa in our presence today.
That was a question this reporter continually asked officials, civil-society activists and others--including Lech Walesa himself--during a week-long press trip to Poland that coincided with both the presidential elections and a high-level summit in Krakow marking the 10th anniversary of the Community of Democracies.
In 1991, WOCCU officials met with members of Solidarity, including Walesa and Kaczynski, the Ministry of Finance and the Catholic Church to examine the role that credit unions could play in helping Poland's financial services development.
LECH Walesa was brave enough to stand up to the might of Poland's Communist rulers and paid the price by being imprisoned.
Ms Merkel also welcomed Poland's 1980s pro-democracy leader, Lech Walesa, to the former crossing, saying that his Solidarity movement provided "incredible encouragement" to East Germans.