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Valkyries (vălkērˈēz), in Germanic mythology, warrior maidens of Odin. They presided over battles, chose those who were to die, and brought the souls of the dead heroes back to Valhalla. Chief among them was Brunhild. They were usually represented as riding through the air on horseback, helmeted and carrying a spear. The Valkyries play a prominent role in Die Walküre of Richard Wagner.
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Walkure, asteroid 877 (the 877th asteroid to be discovered, on September 13, 1915), is approximately 27 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 3.9 years. Walkure was named after the maidens in Scandinavian mythology who escorted fallen warriors to Valhalla. J. Lee Lehman asserts that the pattern represented by this asteroid is that of “enjoining the battle, without actually engaging in the fighting.”


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