walking fish

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walking fish:

see climbing perchclimbing perch,
 climbing gourami,
or walking fish,
any of several fish of the family Anabantidae, adapted to living in oxygen-depleted water or on dry land. They are not related to the true perch.
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Bodin's protagonist, Talia, dreams of the walking fish, an image that well represents the book's characters, all of whom find themselves in situations where the need to adapt to new environments is crucial to their development.
Gary Lamit was inspired and wrote Wally the Walking Fish for this granddaughter Madision.
Insects, huge millipedes, primitive amphibians and walking fish made their lives among these trees.
The Mexican Walking Fish with their Americana music are on at The Blue Bell in Conwy, and Martin Daws and Gavin Mart join forces to perform their heartfelt songs and spoken word at The Belle Vue in Bangor.