wall piece

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wall plate

wall plate, 1
A horizontal member (such as a timber) across a timber-framed, masonry, or concrete wall to carry and distribute the load imposed by members that support the roof.
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Squeeze icing along the sides and f bottom of gable piece B and attach it to the inside edge of wall piece C.
Weissberger could have rendered the wall piece as ridiculously overwrought, teeming thickly with fatuous cultural products.
A much heftier wall piece, "Turn Cartwheels Cross the Wall," looks like it could take your hand off when it's set in motion.
Stanley's number-one seller is Preface, a lifestyle group with a light maple finish and a variety of wall piece options.
In the vestibule, the arriving visitor was greeted by a teaser of sorts: the wall piece This Show's Title, 2016, which combines handwriting with textile-covered letters to reveal the show's (discarded) title: stories with long prologues, rapid climaxes and quiet endings.
In 2007 she combined porcelain with silicone in the wall piece Breath, resulting in a fascinating work in which light and transparency play an intriguing role.
A corner of the loft was dominated by the wall-scale painting Grey Gold Interference, 1965, and the freestanding wall piece Spine on its Side, 1970, made of panels covered in graphite, thickened gesso, and marble dust, applied with a broom--a performative coda to AbEx.
In Wall Piece (Black is Beautiful), the profiles of three African-American women overlap on a wobbly oval background.
Organized by Apsara DiQuinzio as part of the MATRIX program at Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, this succinct survey, which spanned the years 1974-2000, included two films, a collage series, a photograph, a drawing, a sculpture, and a textile wall piece, all of which cumulatively managed to convey the crux of Bratescu's artistic concerns.
To find a method in this manic energy, consider How can you love one child more than another?, 20 13, a wall piece composed of eighteen dakimakura, body pillows decorated with human-scale renderings of highly sexualized ani me characters.
Almost as literal, an earlier articulated wood wall piece, Pantografico #2, 2011, from the series "Metamericos," 2008-, shows the same expansive and retractive system in a piece that is less industrial-looking due to the material as well as its more intimate scale, An articulated armlike Contraption that protrudes from the wall and hangs down to the ground, the piece can be extended and compressed to form different compositions.
"The artists gave their permission to be photographed while working, signing their personal photographs which adorn the photograph of their actual finished Aberdeen wall pieces in the city."