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Wallace Collection:

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1818–90, English art collector. The illegitimate son of the marquess of Hertford, he inherited in 1871 his father's superb collection of continental art, which he had helped to build.
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In addition to being a trustee of the Wallace Collection, he is a past Prime Warden of the Goldsmiths Company, a member of the Fabric Commission of Westminster Abbey and chairman of the Prostate Cancer Research Centre.
Herbert presented Vuong with the prize of GBP25,000 on the 25th anniversary of the prize at a ceremony at the Wallace Collection in London on the evening of 15 January 2018.
We began with our one free day and started with a stroll for a couple of blocks to a handsome building I had often noticed in Manchester Square called Hertford House, home of the Wallace Collection.
The major challenge faced by the exhibition's presiding genii, Nathalie Voile and Christophe Brouard, is represented by the fact that the Musee Conde at Chantilly is a kind of French equivalent of the Wallace Collection and cannot lend.
He was also a trustee of the Wallace Collection and a supporter of the Royal Opera House.
euro]e second instalment comes from the Wallace Collection in London.
Our founder, Lady Barber, stated that the quality of the works in our collection should be "of exceptional and outstanding merit" and emulate that of the works in the National Gallery and the Wallace Collection, so this is a particularly apposite addition.
Which famous painting by Frans Hals is exhibited at the Wallace Collection in London?
These two form a fitting conclusion as they reveal why this, taken in conjunction with the show of its own Murillos currently at the Wallace collection, is the most significant exhibition of the painter's work in Britain for some 30 years and unmissable for anyone interested in his devotional art in particular.
If you do not live near one of the great collections (for instance, the Royal Armouries, The Wallace Collection, The Oakeshott Institute in Minneapolis, MN, Higgins or the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the Viennese Hofburg), you will have a reliable reference with this book.
Joining those two releases are new editions from Retromedia's RetroGold catalog: “The Edgar Wallace Collection Volume 1” and “The Edgar Wallace Collection Volume 2.
In Stewards of the Nation's Art Andrea Geddes Poole provides a meticulous, carefully argued study of the composition and concerns of the boards of trustees of London's four great fine arts institutions: the National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Tate Gallery and the Wallace Collection.