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see WalachiaWalachia
or Wallachia
, historic region (29,568 sq mi/76,581 sq km), S Romania. The Transylvanian Alps separate it in the NW from Transylvania and the Banat; the Danube separates it from Serbia in the west, Bulgaria in the south, and N Dobruja in the east; in the
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, Wallachia
a former principality of SE Europe: a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire from the 15th century until its union with Moldavia in 1859, subsequently forming present-day Romania
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The Turks were so much afraid of Hunniades that they are said to have given him the name of 'the Devil,' but the same designation, as well as that of the Impaler, has also been bestowed upon Vlad, a voivode of Wallachia, who was probably the ally of Hunniades, and who, if one-tenth of what has been related of him be true, has a much better claim to the title.
The documents of that time show that in the 18th century in Moldavia and Wallachia there were over one million beehives.
Some visionary leaders in Moldavia and Wallachia as Mircea cel Batran, Mihai Viteazul, Dimitrie Cantemir, AI Cuza tried frantically to improve their societies through facilitating contacts with Western societies, but their endeavors hit the wall of immobility of their excessive conservative societies.
Askan's article examines illegal usurpation of farmland in the "frontier" region of Wallachia in the mid-1700s and the Ottoman government's response to this problem as revealed in the reports by a special investigating commission.
Rupea (German: Reps, Hungarian: Kohalom) comprises a fortress to the west of the city, on a basalt massif, close to the road connecting Transylvania to Moldavia and Wallachia.
In Wallachia, Slovacko, the Hana and the Bohemian-Moravian Uplands, bands consisting of one or two fiddles, a double-bass and a small dulcimer were popular from the beginning of the 19th century.
The book represents the Second Bulgarian Empire, as well as the Romanian medieval principalities of Wallachia and Moldovia as background for understanding the role of the Cumans and later Mongols ("Tatars") in the history of southeastern Europe.
Wales' has its roots in the German word for stranger and is related to Wallachia in Romania, where another non-Germanic tongue was spoken.
Alongside central pieces emphasizing the Bonpartist outcome in France, highlighting the contradictory aims of the constitutional reforms and national ambitions in Germany, and underscoring the range and interconnection of political, social, and national revolutions in the Habsburg Empire, is a selection of essays on the revolutionary experience in such lesser-known regions as Moldavia, Wallachia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Bavaria, and Scandinavia.
Apart from anything else, we'll have full coverage of the Classics from Moldavia and Wallachia, the Botswana Guineas and whippet
Brian Gordon, 30, from Edinburgh, had been diving on the wreck of the ship Wallachia six days ago with members of the Strathclyde University Diving Club.