Walter Womacka

Womacka, Walter


Born Dec. 22, 1925, in Obergeorgenthal, present-day Gornji-Jiržetin, Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. German painter (German Democratic Republic). Studied in higher schools of art in Weimar (1949-51) and Dresden (1951-53, with F. Dehn and R. Bergander).

Womacka became a professor in 1965 and rector of the Higher School of Fine and Applied Art in Berlin-Weissensee in 1968. He paints vibrant, colorful pictures depicting the everyday life and work of the people of the German Democratic Republic (Beet Pickers, 1956, National Gallery in BerlinMf the Beach, 1962, State Council of the GDR, Berlin; Fishermen’s Wives, 1967, City Council, Schwedt). He is a master of monumental art: his works include the stained-glass panel in the memorial building in Sachsenhausen, 1960-61; State Prize of the GDR, 1962; the mosaic in the House of Teachers in Berlin, 1962-64; and the plan for Alexanderplatz in Berlin, 1968-69, constructed under his supervision.


Walter Womacka, Ausstellung, 1969. Weimar, 1969.
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