Walter Zimmermann

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Zimmermann, Walter


Born May 9, 1892, in Walldürn. German botanist.

Zimmermann taught at the University of Freiburg from 1919 to 1925 and the University of Tübingen from 1925 to 1960 (professor from 1930). His main works are on plant systematics, geography, and phylogeny; evolutionary morphology; paleobotany; and the theory of evolution. Zimmermann developed the telome theory of the structure of terrestrial plants and the principle of hologeny, in which phylogenesis is regarded as the transformation of ontogenetic cycles in an uninterrupted chain. He has devoted special attention to the evolution of traits rather than of taxa.


Grundfragen der Evolution. Frankfurt, 1948.
Evolution: Die Geschichte ihrer Probleme und Erkenntnisse. Freiburg-Munich, 1953.
Die Phylogenie der Pflanzen, 2nd ed. Stuttgart, 1959.
Die Telomtheorie. Stuttgart, 1965.
Evolution und Naturphilosophie. Berlin, 1968.
Vererbung “erworbener Eigenschaften” und Auslese, 2nd ed. Stuttgart, 1969.


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There are, of course, many other insightful and provocative interviews with Cage, but a few of my favorites include those by Roger Reynolds, (45) Walter Zimmermann, (46) and Moira and William Roth.
(74) Stefan Schadler and Walter Zimmermann produced an extensive program book for what was to have been an eightieth birthday celebration for Cage in Frankfurt.
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Nevertheless, this edition has cleaned up the plethora of typos and mistranslations that plagued Walter Zimmermann's 1985 publication of these essays.
Back row, left to right: Takehiko Hashimoto, director, NKK Corporation; Anatoli Zaletin, director, Stroytransgaz; Gus Meijer, director, CRC-Evans Pipeline International; Walter Zimmermann, director, Preussag Wasser & Rohrtechnik; and Patrick Martinache, director, Europipe.
Among the better interview collections are Walter Zimmermann's wilfully and wonderfully eccentric Desert Plants (Vancouver, 1976), Cole Gagny and Tracy Caras's more solid Soundpieces (Metuchen, NJ, 1982) and the former's complementary Soundpieces 2 (Metuchen, 1993), Edward Strickland's well-researched and intelligent American Composers (Bloomington & Indianapolis, 1991) and, most recently, William Duckworth's Talking Music (New York, 1995).
Walter Zimmermann gives a visual tribute entitled "Metric Modulation." This includes images of mathematical calculations, wood prints of Pythagoras, and excerpts from Carter's First String Quartet and from his own "As I was Walking, I came upon Chance." The book ends with a chronological list of Carter's works.