Wangala (Hundred Drums Festival)

November, after harvest
A festival that lasts several days and celebrates the harvest, Wangala is held in the Garo Hills of the state of Meghalaya in northeastern India. It involves a ceremony led by the village priest, climaxing in a dance to the sound of 100 drums and the music of gongs, flutes, and trumpets.
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All these troupes performed more than 30 exotic dance forms like Bamboo Dance from Mizoram, Hojagiri from Tripura, Wangala dance from Meghalaya etc
One can witness about 30 dance forms like Naga warrior dance, Hojagiri of Tripura, Bamboo dance of Mizoram, Wangala dance of Meghalaya and much more.
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At Wangala, the Festival of 100 Drums usually held in November, the Garo tribe beat drums and dance to mark the end of the agricultural year.
All of them are played during the Wangala festival in combination with other musical instruments, especially the dama, to form a harmonious orchestra.
The campaign is based on the report A Case to Answer by academics, Dr Glen Wangala and Dan Plesch.
The two South Indian villages that I have continued to study since 1954 are Wangala, (1) a wet land village which got access to canal water in the 1930s and Dalena situated near Wangala where lands remain dry because they are above canal levels.
In the village of Wangala (Mysore, Karnataka state), where this author carried out an in-depth study as late as the 1960s, Untouchable agricultural workers were each having hereditary relationships with several members of the upper caste (Epstein 1962; p.
The festival will bring to the forefront the colourful montage of North East, including 30 dance forms, like the Naga warrior dance, Thang ta of Manipur, Hojagiri of Tripura, Bamboo dance of Mizoram, Wangala dance of Meghalaya, Lion dance of Arunachal Pradesh apart from others.