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Waning; Waxing

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The circuit of the moon from new moon to full moon and back to new moon is called the lunation cycle. The waxing phase is when the moon is seemingly increasing in size, from new moon to full moon. The waning phase is the opposite; it is the apparent reduction of size going from the full moon to the new moon.

Most magic is done in conjunction with the phases of the moon. Positive magic is done during the waxing phase and negative magic during the waning phase. Negative magic is not necessarily harmful magic; its intent may be to rid a person of something such as a wart, a bad habit, or discomfort. The waning cycle is also a good time to have hair cut, since then it will not grow back so quickly. The phases of the moon are also very much considered with gardening. During the moon's increase it is time for germination, growth, and composting. The waning cycle is a time for fruition, maturity, and pruning and thinning.

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This is based on the theory that things drain or go downwards when the moon is waning. It's also the best part of the cycle to lose weight.
A FASHION guru worried about her "waning celebrity status" killed herself by drinking weedkiller, an inquest was told yesterday.
Brenda Currin's memory aid for determining whether the Moon is waxing or waning (March issue, page 110) is similar to one I've used for years.
It states that "another important cause of the ground sinking is the waning of sediment deposition by the Mississippi River." But over the past l00 million years, the northern Gulf Coast region has been subsiding because of excessive sediment loading produced by the Mississippi and its ancestors.