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The Wankel rotary engine is the most known rotary heat engine, patented in 1954 by Felix Wankel.
The light weight feature is due to the volumetric efficiency, which is 30%, versus 10% in the existing Wankel rotary engine, and 3-4% in the reciprocating piston engines that are used in automobiles today.
3-litre engine, this awesome performer boasts a Wankel rotary unit that transforms it into a motorway monster.
Flight is made possible by a Moller-produced engine that the company calls the Rotapower, which is a Wankel rotary engine.
THE car which sensationally showcased the Wankel rotary engine was the NSU Ro80.
I've sold my successor on this engine -- he's really enthusiastic about it," says Martin Leach about the Renesis, Mazda's latest evolution of the Wankel rotary.
Brooks began his in depth study of the Wankel rotary engine in 1963.
The automaker ended production of the Wankel rotary engine equipped vehicle last month because of low sales.